Geoff Diehl for State Representative

Geoff Diehl is running for State Representative in the 7th Plymouth district.  Current Representative Allen McCarthy is a 2 term incumbent with $6,406.31 cash on hand according to his 2008 year end report with the OCPF.

Geoff Diehl currently serves on the Whitman finance committee.  He is member of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, an Eagle Scout, and is active in many local community organizations.  More information can be found on his campaign website or his Facebook page.

The 7th Plymouth district is one of the most Republican in the state consisting of the towns of Abington, East Bridgewater and Whitman.  

Kerry Healey defeated Deval Patrick outright in 2006!

John McCain defeated Barack Obama outright in 2008!

In 2006, Democrats State Representative Kathleen Teahan retired creating an open seat.  Allen McCarthy defeated Republican Andrew Burbine by a 52% to 48% margin.  In 2008, he was unopposed.


Obama vs McCain 2008 Results:


Abington: 4,083 to 3,759

East Bridgewater: 3,321 to 3,702

Whitman: 3,503 to 3,537

TOTAL: 10,907 to 10,998

TOTAL: 49.8% to 50.2%

Healey + Mihos vs Patrick + Ross 2006 Results:


Abington: 2,479 + 686 to 2,605 + 109

East Bridgewater: 2,235 + 652 to 2,051 + 87

Whitman: 2,248 + 647 to 2,203 + 87

TOTAL: 6,962 + 1,985 to 6,895 + 283

TOTAL: 43.2% + 12.3% to 42.8% + 1.6%

The Percentages here are only among the Obama and McCain votes and do not include the 3rd party candidates.

In 2008, McCain lost by 26% statewide, but won the First Barnstable district by 0.4%.  In 2006, Kerry Healy lost by 21% statewide, but won the district by 0.5%.  If the Mihos and Ross numbers are included, “conservative” leaning candidates lost to “liberal” candidates 16% statewide, but won by 11.1% in the district.

Geoff Diehl began running much earlier this year and is very active.  He has been mentioned here at Red Mass Group, but I have yet to do a formal post for him.  This is long overdue.  You can donate to the Committee to Elect Geoff Diehl here.

About Mike "DD4RP" Rossettie

  • Appreciate the article and analysis on my campaign!  Just so you all know, our committee has received support from MFI and CLT and has also been active in working to help Scott Brown win the US Senate seat.

    Most importantly, my “official” kick-off event is Monday, February 22, 2010 – 6-9pm, at the Whitman VFW (95 Essex, Whitman MA). Michael Sullivan, former US Attorney for MA (and former 7th Plymouth State Rep) will be in attendance, as well as state-wide and local candidates and office-holders.

    Finally, not sure if the link in the story to donate takes you to the right place, but the safest this is to either go to my website ( and click on the donate button or send a contribution to: CTE Geoff Diehl, 10 Village Way, Whitman MA 02382.  If you ever want to talk or e-mail, feel free to get in touch at 781.523.1449(h) or

    Time for NEW VOICES on Beacon Hill – people who will make the SMART CHOICES for our families futures! Thank you, Geoff Diehl