Friday Rant

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A few random thoughts on a beautiful December day.

1) Does Al Gore have to give back the money if global warming is proven to be a sham? It was 70 yesterday.

2) Does President Obama have to give back the Nobel Peace Prize now that he is escalating our involvement in the Middle East?

3) I believe Dick Morris was a huge mistake and where is he?

4) Is Tim Cahill still running for Governor?

5) I can’t wait to read the Inspector General’s report on the malfeasance in the Gloucester Charter process.

6) I am reading Jackie MacMullan’s, When the Game Was Ours. It’s an easy, fun, and interesting read.

7) Is Tiger Woods stupid?

8) Will either DeLeo or Murray endorse a candidate other than Deval? I say it’s a coin flip!

9) Whatever happened to Marian Walsh? I hope someone runs against her. Her greed was as bad as Patrick’s judgment.

10) Alan Khazei is the most interesting of the four Democratic candidates. If he loses next Tuesday it may be because the clock ran out on him. FYI, I am voting for Scott Brown.

11) Is Paul Reville still employed by the Commonwealth?

12) Is there any doubt that if this were not an election year we would be looking at an income tax increase?

13) Are you like me and have you stopped watching the cable news programs like O’Reiley, etc.?

14) Bring back Charlie Weiss! Now!

15) Thoughtful dialog over on BMG from Gloucester resident James Dowd regarding the Gloucester Charter hearing that occurred a few Saturday’s ago

When Chester came down to talk to the people holding signs, not only was he condescending, but he had like a huge hair sticking out of his nose.  Dude, get a personal groomer.

16) It’s hard to top #15 so I’m moving on.

Have a swell weekend.

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