Friday Rant

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A few random thoughts on a beautiful December day.

1) Does Al Gore have to give back the money if global warming is proven to be a sham? It was 70 yesterday.

2) Does President Obama have to give back the Nobel Peace Prize now that he is escalating our involvement in the Middle East?

3) I believe Dick Morris was a huge mistake and where is he?

4) Is Tim Cahill still running for Governor?

5) I can’t wait to read the Inspector General’s report on the malfeasance in the Gloucester Charter process.

6) I am reading Jackie MacMullan’s, When the Game Was Ours. It’s an easy, fun, and interesting read.

7) Is Tiger Woods stupid?

8) Will either DeLeo or Murray endorse a candidate other than Deval? I say it’s a coin flip!

9) Whatever happened to Marian Walsh? I hope someone runs against her. Her greed was as bad as Patrick’s judgment.

10) Alan Khazei is the most interesting of the four Democratic candidates. If he loses next Tuesday it may be because the clock ran out on him. FYI, I am voting for Scott Brown.

11) Is Paul Reville still employed by the Commonwealth?

12) Is there any doubt that if this were not an election year we would be looking at an income tax increase?

13) Are you like me and have you stopped watching the cable news programs like O’Reiley, etc.?

14) Bring back Charlie Weiss! Now!

15) Thoughtful dialog over on BMG from Gloucester resident James Dowd regarding the Gloucester Charter hearing that occurred a few Saturday’s ago

When Chester came down to talk to the people holding signs, not only was he condescending, but he had like a huge hair sticking out of his nose.  Dude, get a personal groomer.

16) It’s hard to top #15 so I’m moving on.

Have a swell weekend.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    1) Does Al Gore have to give back the money if global warming is proven to be a sham?

    I don’t want to read too much into this, but yesterday Al Gore was selling carbon credits at ***25% off***.  Might just be a holiday sale?

  • Absolutely!


    The forecast for Huntsville, AL for Dec. 4, 2009

    Today: Cloudy early with peeks of sunshine expected late. High 49F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.
    Tonight: Variable clouds with snow showers. Low around 30F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 40%.

    Tomorrow: Some clouds in the morning will give way to mainly sunny skies for the afternoon. High 43F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.
    Tomorrow night: Clear to partly cloudy. Low 24F.


    Thankfully, the snow isn't predicted to reach as far south as the Pensacola area.  Over the years I've seen too much of the chaos when the locals down south try to drive in snow and ice.


  • Would be a definite no doubt.  Non election cycle and we’d surely be looking for more “revenue”

    and 7 I lean toward yes, but I tend to think it’s just a symptom of extreme wealth, ego and, never being told NO….combining to form a perfect storm of STUPID.

    and 9….I think Marian is getting a boob so can get a bigger bra to keep her extra money.

  • No, No, On O’Reilly, Yes, Good to know, Smart woman, Yes, I agree, No idea, Watch for him to run statewide in 2010, No idea, no doubt, see #3, They won’t, Real men are hairy.

  • politicalmadman

    1. Never happen

    2. Never happen

    3. He was in Lawrence three weeks ago 75+ people. Great talk about politics.

    4.Yes, keeping powder dry til after Senate race

    5. Don’t hold your breath

    6. Don;t have that one

    7. Yes, little head doing all the thinking here, no surprise !

    8. Nope, Deval may head to D.C., expect Murray

    9. Buried/hidden in some other job

    10. Too late to the party !!

    11. Good question-Massport maybe ? They can hide anyone.

    12. Nope

    13. Nope

    14. Nope

    15. Yuck

    Enjoy your weekend, take in some football. Great high school games this weekend !!

  • …you should consider making this a regular Friday feature. I like it. Short and sweet, fun yet thought provoking.

  • And quit the day job? There is just so much material. As gross as it is I do like the nose hair reference.

  • I was actually at the Gloucester meeting but missed the nose hair viewing. I may have opted out given the proximity to lunch. I trust my source because frankly I don’t trust Patrick’s Education team as far as they can be tossed.

    I did manage to run into Mitch in the boys room but decided against introducing myself. My concern was that he would greet me in an unfriendly manner given my affection for the screwing they did to my pals in Glocester and my vocal support for his firing and that of his partner in corner cutting, Paul Reville. As you can tell I lack for strong opinions.

  • How does it being 70 in December relate to global warming being false?

  • 1) No, he is still waiting on payment for discovering the internet.

    2) Have to enjoy the irony of a troop escalation in the week before he heads off to pick up his prize.  

    3) Yes, somewhere promoting a new book or something.  If Christy is writing him checks he is on to the next gig.

    4) Yes, and waiting on a snappy slogan from his daughter.

    5) Ah, that assumes a real investigation.  Want to see it myself, but not holding my breath.  Maybe the Feds will provide some assistance.

    6) is an excellent writer and a great break from the tedium of daily stuff.  Would make a great Christmas present.

    7) Not sure he’s stupid, but talk about an expensive “lesson”.  Have not seen a pay to stay and non-compete clause like that on Wall Street.

    8) Yes, especially if Khazei decides to challenge Deval.  What a race that would be.

    9) She’s doing what she always does – nothing.

    10) He should run statewide.  Governor would be a good fit but I would not rule out AG or Secretary of State.

    11) Does the Commonwealth ever fire anyone?

    12) Yes, and they are still looking.  Income taxes, taxes on services (that’s multi-billions) and anything that they can come up with to avoid cutting a sacred program.

    13) Yes, too predictable.

    14) No, he has lost touch with the game.

    15) That’s an unwelcome thought before dinner.

  • or is it greenwashing in this case.

  • Gittle

    Possibly multiple opponents. On the Republican side, financial planner Brad Williams, the chair of the Boston Ward 20 Republican Committee and vice chair of the Boston Republican City Committee, has declared and filed paperwork with OCPF.  She may also have a primary as state representative Mike Rush may be looking to move up. So there’s your answer.