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  • Dan says he doesn’t want to make a debate.  

  • Maybe moderator isn’t the right word since this is a conversation rather than a debate.

    What a loaded multi-part question aimed at Kennedy!  Dan doesn’t seem to think that jobs exist outside the public sector.  Or that having a lengthy a career in politics makes one a “career politician.”

  • He’s not dumb.

  • Joe Kennedy is surprisingly good.  And the “moderator” is quite hostile to him.  Joe got cut off in his Iraq/Afghanistan response.  If Dan is fair he will give Joe more time to speak on that after the ad break.

  • Yeesh.

  • The nice guy approach isn’t working. Work the economy,Tie her in with the Machine in Washington  

  • Scott Brown C

    Joe Kennedy C+

    Martha Coakley C

    Oh I’m voting for Scott

  • But I think that tonight Kennedy solidified himself as a legitimate debate presence.  If he represents himself as well on TV then he will be surprising many folks.

  • He gets distracted too easy Don’t let anyone interrupt!!! Answer each question while attacking The Washington Democrats.Site that China won’t lend us money anymore with this administration! She will bring us further in dept .She will put your children in dept! She will vote to raise YOUR taxes! If the moderator wont ask her he should. Martha will you pledge not to raise taxes in the next 2 years?




  • WBZ doesn’t broadcast this far south, at least not in any way that isn’t more than garbled jibberish & static.

  • It is simply not good enough to be opposed to the healthcare disaster in Washington. Brown’s rationale is that it will interfere with efforts to expand healthcare in Massachusetts! Again, he is unapologetic for the government run debacle in this state that is now serving as a model for the entire coutnry.  We need real opposition to government run healthcare, based on sound principles.

    Kennedy has no chance of winning this election, but neither does Brown. Might as well vote for a real fiscal conservative.  

  • nomad943

    Outside of regular WBZ listeners who else would know?

    If the debate was as dull as most here say, than it may be just as well because I doubt many people were listening, even those of us who would have liked to have been.