First Independent Poll of MA Sen Race Shows Brown, Coakley Statistically Tied

The first independent poll of (so far) 157 Massachusetts voters shows the Republican, state senator Scott Brown, nearly tied with the Democrat, Attorney General Martha Coakley.

The poll was taken on Saturday December 26th by supporters of Scott Brown. The poll will continue until an unspecified date, when the group reaches 500 responses.  

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  • You left out Joe Kennedy.

  • They attempted to do a random sample, but it isn’t a scientifically accurate sample.  Random names in the phone book are not likely voters or even registered voters.  More importantly, they used the “Cape Cod” phone book.  Even if this was accurate, it would only be accurate for teh cape and not the commonwealth as a whole.

    The most encouraging thing here are the lack of results.  157 numbers dialed and only 25 responses.  Over half of the time they left messages.  Over half of the people they reached refused to answer.  This is consistent with a low turnout election where the game is turnout.  That is what may give Scott Brown a chance on January 19th.

  • Festus Garvey

    I’m dumbfounded by this…”first independent poll”…”by supports of Scott Brown”.

    Even DD4RP, a die-hard partisan who often crosses the line into unrealistic Massachusetts Republican fantasies, can’t stomach the absurdity of characterizing the calling of random people on the Cape as a “poll”.  

    DD4RP’s critique in correct and frankly he’s being kind and could have added several other points about how this is not a “poll” (like the 25 people contacted barely meets the adequate sample size of a cross-tab, never mind the overall sample of the entire poll or the fact that a truly independent poll would rotate the names of the candidates to ensure fairness).

    It is moronic posts like this that typify why conservatives have no credibility in Massachusetts.