FALL RIVER, MA DECEMBER 29, 2009:  At its most recent meeting, The Fall River Republican City Committee issued its endorsement for Gubernatorial Candidate Charles D. Baker.

The Fall River GOP unanimously approved the endorsement.  “It is believed that Mr. Baker will be a new hope for Massachusetts and the Southcoast,” stated Vice Chairman CJ Ferry.  Chairman Jeffrey Hopkins stated, “Mr. Baker is a successful business and family man with skills and experience needed to bring Massachusetts out of its current fiscal crisis.  Mr. Baker wants to make Massachusetts a business friendly environment, so that businesses and jobs stay in Massachusetts and our children and families can remain in Massachusetts.”

Please visit our new website; http://www.fallrivergop.org for further information. For additional information or questions, you may call our offices at (508) 689 – 5960.

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  • A few weeks ago, I sent the email below to the counsel for the State Committee –

    Primary season is upon us again, and coming early this year.  I am writing to you for guidance, and to verify my own thoughts.

    Town committees are already being approached for endorsements in primaries.  For example, one campaign has asked TC chairs to give names of their ‘liaisons’ to appear at an event with the candidate – to create the impression that the committee(s) back the candidate.

    This is a complex thing on Cape because we have had many primaries over the last 10 years.  Back in 2006, Doug Bennett and Ric Barros were running against each other in a state Senate primary.  The Nantucket Town Committee and then-Director Matt Wylie both had a distaste for Bennett, and Wylie told them it was OK to endorse Barros pre-primary (since Nantucket was Bennett’s home town, this was thought to be especially effective).  I argued strenuously against this as I thought it would set a bad precedent, but was overruled.

    Now – TC’s are asking about bylaw policy.  Wylie was correct – nothing FORBIDS it in the bylaws (Nantucket was exceptional because there actually was a unanimous vote to endorse Barros).  I tell TC’s that if they endorse in one race, the other candidates will expect it as well.  A TC might know if they favor Mihos or Baker, but what about Auditor?  State Rep.?

    My belief is that it is appropriate, even desirable, to have individual TC members work for and endorse candidates – but the appearance that the entire COMMITTEE has made a pre-primary choice should be avoided (after all – what if your person loses?).

    The bylaws are clear for the State Comm. – not the Chair or Director, but members may act if they are clear they are not speaking on behalf of the Committee.  Does this principle extend to the local TC level as well?

    I’d appreciate your thoughts, as we have two local primaries, as well as the state-level ones so this isn’t a hypothetical.

    This is the answer I got –

    I agree that individuals should do as they self determine. But, the committee, while not restricted from doing so, should not endorse before a primary. The issue is a concern of precedent and perhaps down or up ballot contenders that would form an expectation. In practice, town committee’s should defer and accept guidance form state committee bylaws when their own are silent.  I will look into this more form a general laws perspective.

    My very best,


    So there you have it.  Please recognize this effort by the Baker Campaign for what it is – a destructive vanity ploy. It reminds me of the post by David Whelan about Deval Patrick ‘breaking the law’ – no, he didn’t break the law, but ignored its spirit and didn’t comply with its intent.  You CAN do this – but in the interests of Mass GOP overall, SHOULD you seek divisive pre-primary endorsements from Committeees (rather than individuals)?

    Will primary Rep candidates in a district with three towns compete for endorsements, and best two out of three wins?

    How many other races will get endorsements?  Auditor?  Treasurer?  Senate?

    What about Republicans – on and off the committee – who don’t concur with the majority vote?  Are they now unwelcome at the committee?  Will this create a land-office rush for OTHER committees to endorse?

    Baker is desperate to create an aura of inevitability – perhaps overly desperate. In doing so, they undermine the long term interests of Mass GOP, if indeed it ever even crossed their minds.  

  • cfblake2

    I feel this turns off a lot of Voters, No committee should endorse before a primary, its dirty pool, Charlie Baker and crew are showing they will be just like all the other failed leaders on beacon Hill. I feel our state deserves beter.

  • politicalmadman

    Those elected as a delegate will make their position known at the convention. The committee as a whole has a moral responsibility to support both candidates as that is why they are establisehed.

    This state structure has lost that spirit of the bylaws as stated. So has some of the state committee members.

    That is why we are where we are.  

  •  Won’t you look kind of silly when Christy Mihos wins the convention endorsement and you have to support Mihos? Along with our state legislators and everyone else jumping the bandwagon?

    Why don’t you put your BS aside and work to have Scott Brown elected Senator? I am.

    There will be plenty of time to atgue on Jan. 22nd. My victory hangover should be over by then.