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  • A trip to the local grocery store earlier was like proceeding thru Logan the day before Thanksgiving. How will we survive what appears to be a modest storm?

  • Karl Marx

    But at least I have bread and milk.

  • I can be able to post on the live blog? Also, in regard to this storm, one thing I have always found odd is when I worked at big y near my house the MAIN THING people would sell us out of was (drum rolls) …. DELI MEATS. why? I have no idea haha

  • in this corporate world Google such things as Yaz or Vioxx to see if legal firms are also seeking your for profit business.  Me being an unemployed locked out of the workforce dissident Boy Scout, pilot, engineer and father of three would like to illustrate the Satanic provisions of health care reform and state that it is truely Lock and Load Time.