Don’t forget RMG, tonight is Deval’s Holiday Gala

Attention RedMassGroup Members

Tonight is the Deval Patrick $500 per plate Holiday Gala @ The Westin Copley Plaza. It goes from 6pm to 10pm and is sure to be loads of fun for all.

I can't wait to read the Boston Globe tomorrow to see what First Lady Diane Patrick was wearing. It's always so exciting to see beautiful people, delivered in long limousines, dressed in luxurious outfits, hobnobbing about with other famous celebrities at our expense. Hopefully none of the riffraff that crawls over from the Pine Street Inn will get too close. I am sure security has been beefed up for the occassion to keep out the seamy underbelly of society while the Governor and First Lady have a dance and a cup of cheer for the holidays.

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