DC Cop Brings Gun To Snowball Fight

So several people are out having fun in a massive blizzard throwing snowballs at each other. They’re at a deserted intersection and one of their snowballs hits a Hummer.

If you were driving the Hummer how would you react?

A. Ignore it because it’s a snowball

B. Roll down the window and yell something at those damn kids. Damn kids with their rock and roll music.

C. Stop your car and confront them. With a gun.

Of course this detective decided he was going to get all huffy and puffy with a gun & badge. DC has one of the highest crimes rates in the country but apparently there is a massive snowball problem, too. To be fair the best way to stop something that will give you a minor bruise is to bring something that can end a life.

Dan Hayes of Reason Magazine was there and caught the incident on tape.

If you watch the video the whole way through you can see that other cops arrive later. They handle the situation in a professional manner unlike this detective. Some of them appear annoyed that they’re dealing with something so trivial in Washington, DC.  

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