David Pottier to Challenge Marc Pacheco

According to the Taunton Gazette David Portier will run for the State Senate in the FIRST PLYMOUTH AND BRISTOL district.  Current Senator Marc Pacheco is a 9 term incumbent with $233,321.33 cash on hand according to his 2008 year end report with the OCPF.  As a Democrat incumbent he would be tough to beat.  However, according to the Newton Tab and Daily News Tribune Pacheco may be running for the open Auditor position vacated by Joe Denucci.

David Pottier is a 3rd term city councilor from Taunton and currently serves as City Council President.  Taunton is both the largest and most heavily Democratic municipality in the district.  Pottier is elected city-wide and finished 3rd out of 16 in the recent 2009 Taunton city elections.  On paper, Pottier has a fantastic profile of an electable candidate similar to Malden City Council President Craig Spadafora who announced his intention to run for Tisei’s seat just a few days ago.

The First Plymouth and Bristol district is one of the most Republican in the entire state where McCain captured roughly 46% of the vote.  This roughly mirrors his national average and is much better than his 36% result state wide.  If the seat is open, it should be one of the top Republican targets in the state.


Obama vs McCain 2008 Results:


Bridgewater 5,873 to 5,849

Carver 2,933 to 2,899

Marion 1,797 to 1,262

Middleborough 5,150 to 5,853

Wareham 6,190 to 4,392

Taunton 13,135 to 8,634

Berkley 1,574 to 1,548

Dighton 1,732 to 1,719

Raynham 3,336 to 3,522

TOTAL 41,720 to 35,678

TOTAL 53.9% to 46.1%

The Percentages here are only among the Obama and McCain votes and do not include the 3rd party candidates.

Pottier and Spadafora are both City Council Presidents.  This usually means they were elected by the other members of the city council.  For a Republican to earn such an honor they would likely be well respected, well liked, and have the support of Democrats.  When Marlborough City Council President ran for State Representative in 2008 he received endorsements from a number of prominent Democrats in the city including Mayor Nancy Stevens.  It will be interesting to watch for any cross over endorsements in these two races as well.

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