The Code Red Rally in DC

I imagine that many of you heard about the Code Red Rally against the Senate health care bill that took place in DC this past Tuesday (whatever is actually IN it – we’re all unsure at this point).

I drove down to DC with Congressional candidate Bill Hudak and some of our fantastic volunteers Monday night – and early Tuesday morning, we parked the Hudak-Mobile in a prime location right by the Capitol building, and had a great time meeting people from across the nation as the rally progressed.

I originally made this video to be posted on the Red State blog (I know – I know – Rob, Michael and Garrett already harassed me, explaining that a certain locally focused blog is clearly superior to Red State. The only reason I disclose this is because of the seemingly strange joke about twitter hashtags that is a reference to my friend Caleb Howe at Red State, who some of you may be familar with).

Anyway, without further aideu here is the footage. This is my first time ever creating a movie from raw footage, so excuse any imperfections. I had a really good time with it though! 🙂

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