Constitutional Office Weekly Money Watch Week 7

“Politics has become so expensive that it takes a lot of money even to be defeated. – Will Rogers”

Week Seven numbers below.  Can you believe there are only 45 weeks left until the 2010 Elections?

Gubernatorial Race

Charlie Baker (R): $181,303 in four deposits.

Timothy Cahill (U): $0.00 in no deposits. Tim Cahill’s bank is lackluster in reporting these numbers.  According to his bank report he raised $36,012 in the first 15 days of December and spent $33,481 including money on bumper stickers. We should start seeing Cahill for Governor bumper stickers on the road soon.

Christy Mihos (R): $30,315 in three deposits, including another $25,000 in self funding. In the first 15 days of December Christy spent $46K.

Deval Patrick (D): $131,830 in 20 deposits. He spent $69,171 including $15,000 to Doug Rubin’s firm Northwind Strategies. It pays to be a Democratic Consultant in Massachusetts.

The rest of the constitutional offices are after the jump…

Lieutenant Governor’s Race

Timothy Murray (D): $69,880 in seven deposits.

Richard Tisei: Richard Tisei raised $11,605 in one deposit.

Attorney General’s Race

Martha Coakley (D): $0 in zero deposits

Steve Baddour (D): Steve Baddour has said he may throw his hat into the ring for Attorney General.  As of 12/31/08 he had $263,659 in the bank.

Auditor’s Race

Mary Connaughton (R): $0 in zero deposits, Mary’s bank only reports deposits once a month it seems.  

Guy Glodis (D):* $12,550 in one deposits and spent $3100 including a $250 donation to Mike Capuano.

Kamal Jain (U): $484.60 in one deposit. Kamal spent $1724 in the first half of December.

Earle Stroll: $100 in one deposit. Earle spent no money in December.

*Guy Glodis will be announcing shortly.

Treasurer’s Race

Stephen Grossman (D): $59,651 in 11 deposits.

Joe Connolly (D): $60,624 in six deposits

Brian Herr (R): Has not formed a committee.

Secretary of State’s Race

William Galvin (D): The prince of darkness raised $12,375 in five deposits. He spent a little over $550 in the first two weeks of December.

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