Coakley Refused To Debate Frisoli In 2006

In 2006 Martha Coakley faced off against Cambridge Republican and soccer enthusiast Larry Frisoli in a race for the recently vacated office of Attorney General. During a nasty campaign Coakley refused to debate Frisoli in any setting. According to a 2006 article in the Boston Globe she said Frisoli was not a serious candidate. Frisoli, a former member of the Cambridge City Council, was defeated 73% to 27%.  

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  • To be consistent she shouldn’t debate with Joe Kennedy?  Or to be consistent she shouldn’t debate with both Joe Kennedy and Scott Brown?

  • He was a Soccer enthusiast!

    I kid, I KID!

    But seriously, I don’t think Coakley can ‘get away’ with that this time.  When your a down-ballot race, incumbents can sometimes ignore a challenger.  Our Congressmen in Massachusetts are notorious for this.

    Here the Senate race is the only game in town.  She pretty much has too debate, or hand Scott and issue he will pound her with.

  • gary

    Blue eyed cougar hottie seeks threesome. Him:  handsome, former male model.  Her: into toys (has her own magic room, 2 foot butcher knife, magic wand for your pleasure). Must be D&D free of all STDs and in shape, no bad attitudes, support universal health care, no drunks or druggies. Martha, “I think everybody should be included, and I think we’re going to hold pretty firm on that.”  

    Firm. Grrrrowl.