CNN Poll: 61% Oppose Healthcare Bill

A stunning new poll from CNN finds that 61% of Americans oppose the healthcare bill currently working its way through the U.S. Senate.  36% support the bill.

This 25-point gap for a bill that Democrats have claimed enjoys ‘overwhelming support’ may put the brakes on the bill in the Senate, if not change minds in the U.S. House.

Some  other poll highlights:

*79% believe the bill will increase the deficit.

*85% believe the bill will increase their taxes.

*40% trust the GOP more on health care, compare to 43% who trust Democrats.

*39% believe the country would be better off if Republicans controlled the Congress, vs. 40% who think the same of Democrats.  Previous polls showed a 10%+ gap for Democrats.

All in all, a potentially game-changing result for the debate on Capital Hill.

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