Christy Mihos interview on WCVB

I just finished watching republican gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos be interviewed on Wcvb television. I could not believe how much the two that interviewed Christy Mihos showed there political intentions with every question that came out of them. It was clear for anyone to see that these two were on the attack. It was not to find out the plans and ideas Christy Mihos has to fix our State. The motives of the two who interviewed Christy was to Push Charlie Baker. The liberal elite will push for Baker right now but there true intentions is to get Deval Patrick back in as our governor. They know as well as a lot of us do that Deval can beat Charlie Baker, They also know that Christy will beat Deval Patrick and be our next Governor and then Christy Mihos can reform our State government that will then again be working for the people of our state and not working for the state hacks and insiders that it is working for now. It was also very revealing that Deval patrick was on the NBC show “Meet the Press” today just an hour before Christy Mihos was on local television. This proves that Deval Patrick is more interested in National issues and not the State Issues that he should be concerned about. Also showing that this move by Deval Patrick to be on Meet the Press was to interfere with Christy Mihos on WCVB an hour latter. When Christy Mihos was explaining about the wastefully spending going on in our state, The reporter rudely interrupted Christy Mihos and disagreed with him. Showing her political colors. I think Christy took the high road in this interview, by doing this it exposed these two reporters, It showed that the interview was not fair and balanced, just another attempt to push there Liberal agenda. Christy Mihos is the People’s candidate , He is in this to help our State.

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