Christy is Running against CHARLIE PARKER??? Tisei Raising HUGE dollars.

Interesting story from SUNDAY BOSTON HERALD.  Here’s the text.  Pretty brief.  I’ll leave it there.  The MIHOS supporters can then post all their comments on how none of this matters, Christy will win,I’m an evil blogger, etc. etc. etc.  But the article is substantive and worth consideration and thought.  Merry Christmas – and if anyone wants me to say Happy Holidays forget about it – Bill O’Reilly is right – it’s MERRY CHRISTMAS – the celebration of Christy’s birth and a season of love and charity for all faiths and all men and women.

Here’s the exact text from today’s HERALD.  Thank you, again.

Christy Mihos might want to learn the name of the guy he’s running against.

Let’s go right to Mihos’ Web site:

“Independent candidate Timothy Cahill and competing Republican candidate Charlie Parker may agree with Christy in that the politics of Beacon Hill need a changing of the guard,” the site read.

But no. Famed jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker is not in the race.

It’s Baker, Mihos folks. Charlie Baker.

GOP churns dough

Speaking of Baker, it appears he’s chosen a formidable fund-raiser as his running mate.

Baker’s choice for lieutenant governor, state Sen. Richard Tisei (R-Wakefield), raised $50,000 in the 10 days since he joined the ticket. And his camp says he’ll deposit another 50-large following a pair of events in the coming days.

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