Christy Hires Dem Firm – Regan Communications

What’s up with this?  

Date   Vendor Filer Purpose Amount

11/12/2009   REGAN COMMUNICATIONS Mihos, Christy CONSULTING $6,600.00

Mr. Outsider hires one of the biggest insider communication firms in Boston?

Regan was involved in the Cahill scandal with the lottery vendor being paid on the side.  They are a big-time Democrat leaning firm.  

“Ronayne said that Kelly never spoke to Cahill about the two-year renewal of the instant games contract in August 2004 or the three one-year extensions he and the commission approved. In her statement, Ronayne also disputed assertions that Cahill was getting advice at the time to scale back Scientific Games’ share of the state lottery business.

The payments to Kelly were initially made through the Boston public relations firm, Regan Communications, which was hired by Scientific Games to coordinate an aggressive media campaign in the company’s battle to remain the primary lottery vendor. Part of Cahill’s decision in renewing the firm’s contract in 2004 was whether to cut back on Scientific Game’s 80 percent share of the contract work to service the state’s $3.4 billion instant game market.
“(Boston Globe August 14, 2008)…

Regan is the communications firm for Therese Murray – Bill Delehunt and Sen. Galluccio.  

The real news is that Mihos is trying to look like an outsider but he hires the hacks’ hacks to run the show.  

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