Campaign statements, the footnotes edition

Unimagineable, first BMG catches Mr. Brown encouraging illegal absentee voting, by failing to post adequate herefores, howwiths and footnotes, detailing ad nauseum the nuances of the law, and Ms. Coakley, not to be outdone, posts same.  

That vixen!, she’s just a scofflaw!

She says

A warm thanks to the BMG editors, participants and readers for this opportunity to ask you for your vote to make history on Tuesday.

No care that illegal aliens or underage readers might see this message.  By failing to be clear, she’s obviously encourageing unregistered voters, to vote!

It gets worse!  She admits she steals from us.

I’ve recovered more than $135 million dollars from homeowners and taxpayers.

My money!  (go ahead Martha, change it, I have a screen capture)

So, who to vote for, someone who encourages illegal absentee voting or someone who encourages illegal voting plus steals from you.  

The choice is … clear.

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