Brown vs Coakley

Scott Brown gives Democratic frontrunner Martha Coakley a pretty good shot in the Newburyport Daily News. “Yesterday, Brown criticized opponent and Democratic front-runner Martha Coakley on her openness to a “war tax.”

“Martha Coakley is again demonstrating just how willing she is to place additional burdens on working families instead of looking for ways to cut back on spending,” Brown said. “It’s almost as if she wants to punish people for supporting a war she opposes.

“We can afford to pay for our military priorities if we stop Washington’s domestic spending spree. The choice of U.S. senator is going to turn on this critical issue: Who can voters trust to cut wasteful spending, keep taxes low and get our economy moving again. I am that person, and I look forward to making the case for fiscal responsibility in the general election campaign that begins next week.”.

This is the way to go after a Democrat that caters to the defeatist wing of her party, which in MA is the vast majority. The sad fact is that all 4 of the Dem candidates are appealing to the moonbat, fever swampers to win the nomination. This is creating an opening for a mainstream Republican to appeal to the majority of voters: Republican, Independent and Democrats that don’t get their news from the democratic underground.

So vote on Tuesday and then do anything and everything you can to help the Republican nominee on to victory on January 19th.


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