Breaking: SEIU caught using state resources to help Coakley, Brown says $7.5M-$75M fine appropriate

(Sorry for the error in the headline.  The campaign is looking for a $7.5 million to $75 million fine. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

The SEIU will stop at nothing to obtain political power.  Their latest misstep is staggering.  They have admitted to Fox25 Boston that they illegally used state resources to campaign on behalf of Martha Coakley.  

The e-mail, obtained by FOX25, raises questions about whether it violates laws barring the use of public resources for political activity.

Within hours after the e-mail was sent to 7,500 employees on Thursday, Local 509 sent out another e-mail telling employees to “disregard” the previous message.

The union said in a statement to FOX25, “Local 509 accidentally sent an e-mail to its state employee members asking them to volunteer for the Martha Coakley for US Senate campaign. This clearly should not have been done and Local 509 regrets the error.”

I find this hard to think this is an error.  This was deliberate.  The Scott Brown campaign has fired back.  


The Brown campaign is asking for the SEIU to pay Civil Penalties of $1,000 to $10,000 per violation treating the emails as individual violations.  There is legal precedence for this in the CAN-SPAM legislation.  Every email is treated separately for the purposes of computing a fine in current federal anti-spam law.

In addition to criminal penalties for those responsible the Brown campaign is asking for the Attorney General to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate this matter.  This to me is the most important part of this email.  The SEIU may have just caused a Special Prosecutor to be appointed. A Special Prosecutor that can now go after corruption.

You can do two things to fight this corruption.

First call Martha Coakley’s office at (617) 727-2200 to demand a special prosecutor be named.  

Second donate to Scott Brown to fight the one-party corruption in Massachusetts.

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