An old quote that is chilling regarding Mr. Mihos.

“So what is it that drives the independent gubernatorial candidacy of Christy Mihos (other than a chance to try out his rather odd stand-up comedy routine)? Well, nearly as we can discern it’s largely about a major league grumpiness with the state’s Republican Party. This might be the first campaign in recent memory where whining is supposed to pass for a political platform.”

The above is a rather amazing quote from Christy Mihos which was posted on this web page this evening.  I googled it to check, and it’s actually from the HERALD EDITORIAL PAGE during that 06 campaign when Christy ran against our Party’s nominee.

That’s his right, but it seems to be interesting how the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Christy still seems very angry and intent on ‘getting back’ at people, and what that does for jobs or business, I have no idea.

It’s all rather telling; but maybe with Dick Morris on board, the former aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Christy will be able to put together a compelling ad campaign.

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