Alcohol was not involved in Mihos incident.

Even though I’ve had my concerns regarding the behavior pattern of former independent candidate for governor Christy Mihos, including his tax problems with the IRS – they liened his home for back due taxes – I think it’s unfortunate what people wrote in today’s Herald about Christy driving himself to the hospital after being hurt from a fall outside his corporate offices in Hyannis.

Mihos, a multimillionaire, told the Herald he doesn’t remember how he drove himself to the hospital after suffering a fall.  It’s all a blur.  Here’s what one posting said after the article – “Mihos doesn’t remember a second of the drive.

I’ve seen Misty Christy driving home from the Bruins games on a number of occasions. I think he is used to not rememering rides home.

He never had a chance but this seals it.”

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I think people should know that the rumours of Christy drinking aren’t true.  He may be a very eccentric person who has some personality issues, but he’s not someone known for drinking.

People who post on the Herald should be more cautious and respectful.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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  • It seems that by not bringing it up, you have brought it up, and been able to sneak a small whack in implying that he has “personality issues”.  Has anyone ever met a politician that doesn’t have personality issues?  I think it a basic requirement to be in politics isn’t it.

    The man slipped on some ice.  Let’s just wish him a speedy recovery and leave it at that…..unless their are some toothpaste/mouthwash rumors we need to levy too.

  • Festus Garvey

    I agree with you, “people should know that the rumours of Christy drinking aren’t true”, nor is the rumor that his injuries were caused by his wife hitting him with a golf club because he was cheating on her.  I know this rumor is not true because I just started it.  

    And I agree with you further that people who post things should be more cautious and respectful of the truth.  

    And massGOPWomen, I really loved how you ended you inept character assassination…there is nothing more symbolic of the spirit of the season than a knife-in-the-back while wishing a Merry Christmas.