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The libertarians (under the auspices of the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts Federal PAC) have a SoapBlox of their own. Gold Mass Group.

George Phillies, no Paulist, unleashes scorn upon the GOP and takes different lessons away from the New York-23.

The peculiar election in New York-23, featuring a three way race between candidates of the Democratic, Republican, and Conservative parties shows again the difficulties the Republicans face.  The legitimate Republican candidate received Republican money, but had so few prominent Republicans as supporters that she finally withdrew from the race.  Indeed, many Republicans appeared in her state to aid her Conservative Party opponent…

And now we come to the point where Republican social conservatives do not understand what happened to them or what it means.  The Republican candidate, having withdrawn, could have said nothing.  She could also have spoken up to endorse one of her opponents, and that is what she did.  Of course, she was the Republican.  Her opponents were candidates of two enemy political parties, the Democrats and the Conservatives. Was there a dime’s worth of difference between them? To her, indeed there was.  She endorsed the Democrat, who went on to win the election.  The message was very clear. To a centrist Republican, the social reactionary Conservative was simply not acceptable.   Social Conservative extremism is unsaleable is most of the United States other than the deep south and parts of the Rocky Mountains.

Conservatives are drawing a completely different conclusion from the same election, namely that Republicans should run far-right-wing conservatives. Cheer them on! They’re nailing shut their coffin…from the inside.  Evidence that this approach will elect Republicans outside the deep south are, fortunately, substantially lacking.  The Republicans are already placed to run way way way right on the National level, where at least four of their candidates, Huckabee, Palin, Pawlenty, and Paul, have made clear they do not believe in evolution.  Indeed, the first three have made clear that they believe the world is not even ten thousand years old, while the fourth sensibly only talks of his opinions on these questions in front of entirely friendly audiences.  A fifth candidate, Romney, whose political positions this week are apparently quite conservative, runs into a different religious difficulty, namely that his faith is completely unacceptable to many backbone Republicans. (Of course, JFK beat that wall.)

The Republican Party is racing toward political extinction.  Cheer it on!

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