A Mystery Bought Vote

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We know the price Harry Reid paid to Senator Nelson for his yes vote. Before they vote in the wee hours of the morning to end debate I have one question. Who sold their vote for $100,000,000 of taxpayer funds?

“$100,000,000 for a ‘Health Care Facility’ ‘at a public research university in the United States that contains a state’s sole public academic medical and dental school'” (p. 328 of the manager’s amendment).

Why won’t this Senator go on the record as being bought? After all, Sens. Landrieu and Nelson are proud of the funds they are bringing to their respective states’. I think said senator is ashamed that they proved to be such a cheap date for Harry Reid. Heck, a hundred million isn’t even a rounding error for Ol’ Harry, plus it’s not like he’s playing with his own money.  

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