A Mystery Bought Vote

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We know the price Harry Reid paid to Senator Nelson for his yes vote. Before they vote in the wee hours of the morning to end debate I have one question. Who sold their vote for $100,000,000 of taxpayer funds?

“$100,000,000 for a ‘Health Care Facility’ ‘at a public research university in the United States that contains a state’s sole public academic medical and dental school'” (p. 328 of the manager’s amendment).

Why won’t this Senator go on the record as being bought? After all, Sens. Landrieu and Nelson are proud of the funds they are bringing to their respective states’. I think said senator is ashamed that they proved to be such a cheap date for Harry Reid. Heck, a hundred million isn’t even a rounding error for Ol’ Harry, plus it’s not like he’s playing with his own money.  

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  • Their votes were already in the bag.

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    I know he has a hospital facility in his district whose construction was temporarily halted.  I can’t imagine he was going to let that slip off the table.  

    Nelson was really the only one left to buy off.

  • These kind of votes belie the imagine that “centerists” are some kind of superior political animal to those on the right or left.

    The new American landscape- solid right, solid left, and pork grabbers in the middle.

    What we need are better laws that reduce the ability of Congress to actually dole out pork. These laws would start with reducing their ability to tax and borrow, and therefore reduce the funds that are redistributed this way.  

  • I hope the provisions given to Landrieu and Nelson are taken out in conference committee.  When the final bill comes back there is no filibuster and are no amendments.  The Dems will still have 58 votes in the Senate and it will pass easily.  It will serve them right for supporting this monstrosity.

  • There are other states that meet this definition, but the money is available only in fiscal year 2010, and that probably makes construction of a new hospital for Fletcher Allen, the primary teaching hospital for the University of Vermont Medical School, the only project that qualifies.

    So Chris Dodd staked a claim, but it seems it’s a payoff for Bernie Sanders, to help the avowed socialist sleep at night. There’s only one way to settle this, a catfight!