7.5% of Senate Indicted in 18 Months (8.5% if you include only Dems)

(If only we had an Attorney General that was pro-active this number would no doubt be higher.  It’s time for the people of hte commonwealth to wake up! – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

7.5% of the Mass Senate has been indicted in the last 18 months. Marzilli, Wilkerson, and Galluccio have all been indicted since July 1, 2008. This all at a time when Deval is making the claim on his website that he is “changing the culture on Beacon Hill.” Of course, all three are Democrats and of course there are many good, decent, and honest State Senators, including my Senator, Thomas McGee.

What ever happened to ethics reform?

Change you can count on? I think not.

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