$10 for 2010

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The support for our campaign has been overwhelming. We only announced our candidacy 5 weeks ago, and we are on track to reach our Q4 fundraising goal of $50,000 in a mere 5 weeks.

The voters of Massachusetts and in this 5th Congressional District are worried. The voters feel they no longer have a voice. For the past few years, I too felt disenfranchised and without a voice in Washington.

I’m running to be that voice, and our message is spreading across this district. We don’t want the Government Option of healthcare which will only lead to MORE taxes and NEW expenses.

The time has come to say NO to runaway spending that is financed by our hard earned tax dollars. We are on a mission to give the people back their voices. Our children and grandchildren need to have the SAME opportunities that we ourselves have had.

If you feel like Niki Tsongas is not listening to you, then join the club.

Will you donate $10 to make your voice heard in 2010?  



Please share this message with your network in Massachusetts. Thanks for being involved and thanks for joining the club in 2010!

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