Your Daily Good News: Cyber Monday Edition


If you didn’t overdose on turkey or punch one of your relatives in the throat because they brought up ObamaCare at Thanksgiving dinner then you will likely be killed by a pack of wild rabid coyotes who have grown tired of puppies blood.

Cape Cod Times

Scientologists canvas the crap out of the Central & Kendall Square neighborhoods in Cambridge. Many Dianetics flyers were discarded into the wind on Memorial Drive this morning.

Universal Hub

Jim Koch is probably the best person in the history of Boston.

Boston Globe

Go vote in the Boston Music Awards. Polls close tonight and the show is on Tuesday. Vote for Passion Pit or I will tell your boss you’re reading RMG at work and get you fired. Yes, Passion Pit. I like hipsterdanceelectropopwhateveritscalledthatisplayedatThrowed

The Boston Music Awards

Angelle Wood over at Boston Emissions did a whole freaking show going over all the nominees. Give it a listen. Boston Emissions

The ongoing saga of Jack E. Robinson. He isn’t worried that you don’t know who he is or what he did in that Navy thing. Quote of the year nominee “Is that the baseball player?” Face Palm.

South Coast Today.

Your Daily Video

This is Passion Pit. Vote for them in the Boston Music Awards. They, just like this video, are amazing. Don’t forget to lace up your dancing shoes kids!

Passion Pit – The Reeling

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