Where in the world is Christy Mihos?? Even his friend at the Herald is ignoring him.

Where in the world is Christy Mihos?  Should we rent space on milk cartons??

When former independent candidate for governor Christy Mihos is left absent from Boston Globe missives, the usual whine from West Yarmouth is how the Globe hates me, blah, blah, blah.  But what about when the Boston Herald ignores Christy, even when the Herald writer in question just got a pile of money from Christy’s campaign.

Today’s Howie Carr column espouses the virtues of a Baker-Cahill ticket versus incumbent guv Deval Patrick.  The name Christy and the name Mihos is no where to be seen in the copy…..and yet just weeks ago Christy was an advertiser on Howie’s radio show promoting some fundraising event people could buy tickets to via his Internet page.

When even the friends you pay start to ignore you as a factor in the race, there’s a problem that can’t be ignored by the politically savvy voters who are getting ready to convene at caucuses throughout Massachusetts.

People need to see some Mihos strength in the field, but it’s not there when Mihos gets creamed at a straw poll held in his own region of the state.  How could Christy’s team ever, ever let that happen.  Where were their people that night????  The straw poll was held right in Christy’s back yard, and yet Christy’s field team couldn’t even pull off a decent showing there!!!

If he wants the compartments to stop flooding he would do what Christie Todd Whitman did in 1993.  She was elected governor, and served in New Jersey from 94 to 2003.  She got elected because she had the savvy and the foresight to hire a top notch campaign boss – Ed Rollins – a pro from the Reagan days who knew how to put it together.

Christy should look to Christie for an example.  Otherwise, he’s going to be another six percent candidate.

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