Video: Treasury Sec Geithner Meltdown

Obama Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner throws a fit like a five year old child when asked about the state of the economy.

Blames Bush.  Claims that “you gave this President an economy falling off a cliff.”  Then he is reminded that he was President of the NY Fed since 2003 and an appointee of President George W. Bush.


Classic baby boomer tantrum.

I predict he’ll be gone by March.  Holder by May.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I thought he asked for it?  Not only did he ask for it but he and his team said it was the greatest privilege and they would fix everything.  

    Buyer Remorse!

  • A wave is building.

    So long Timmy.


    Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) says “we may have to sacrifice just two more jobs to get millions back for Americans.”

  • The blue background says Council on Foreign Relations, a globalist organization dedicated to world government at the expense of the United States.


    Tim and the rest of Obama’s cabinet members are just doing what they do all along, advancing globalism.