Treasurer Tim Cahill wants to lecture us about saving money…..right!

Have you been to the State Treasurer’s website lately?  I think you should because it is a reflection of Treasurer Timmy Cahill.  What caught my eye was a contest that he is running for kids in grades K thru 12.  It’s not a bad idea in theory and I actually support it were it to come from someone other than one of our duly elected public servants.  It should be coming from our teachers, but alas, teachers are too busy telling our kids about homosexual lifestyles and handing out condoms to actually teach them about money management.

The contest is for kids to write an essay on ‘the importance of saving money’. Each week there will be three winners drawn and each will get a $500 savings account, which doesn’t actually save the state any money.  At any rate, I think that a lot of kids actually have the idea solidly ingrained in their mind as many of them have unemployed fathers, mothers and/or brothers and sisters.  Believe me, kids know very well these days how important it is to save money.  They don’t need to write an essay to the Treasurer to say how little money they actually have and how it has become important due to its scarcity.  

What I think Cahill should do is to stop pandering and lecturing to the children in our state and start getting the state legislature to do the very thing he expects our children to do – start saving money.  Sure, Timmy Cahill shoots off the infrequent letter to the Governor about how he is overspending, but what has he really done to curb the wild enthusiasm of those with their grubby hands all over our purse-strings?  NOTHING.

Timmy Cahill likes to sit back and lecture the taxpayers about how best to live their lives – now that’s the sign of a true Democrat.  Tim Cahill has been ineffectual as our State Treasurer and is ‘technically’ running for Governor purely as a puppet of the Democrat Party to split votes for the Republican Right.  That’s how bad things are in Massachusetts – The Democrats have to pony up a ‘rabbit’ in order to split the votes of the millions of unhappy non-Democrats.  Independents are walking, running to the right and Deval Patrick is trying to stop from losing the corner office after only one term.  Could you have ever imagined that Deval Patrick would have to get the Democrat Party to try and split the votes building against him?  Manna from heaven folks….

One thing is for sure – no state legislator with a (D) after his/her name is ever going to win that essay contest.

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