There’s something rotten in Denmark….at

I’ll weigh in on the debate that seems to be going on about the mihos internet page.  someone wrote that it’s stagnant, and then someone, obviously Christy or someone from his campaign, rebutted that’s it’s not.  The rebuttal is FALSE.  As first written, the page DOES in fact show an article from the HERALD from OCTOBER 5.  That’s what’s there as of 4 37 pm EST 11-27-09.  Next, when you click on events THERE IS A VERY BLANK PAGE.  There are no events listed on the outdated christy2010 web page.  That is a fact that anyone can check on.

The person who rebutted the first posting about the page having problems says there’s a new headquarters and he talked about an event.  pardon me for asking, but why would you not put this critical info ON THE WEB PAGE.????????

How in the name of GOD would we know there’s a headquarters when it’s not listed on the damn web page????????????????  Can CHRISTY just tell us that????????????????????  What campaign can anyone name that doesn’t list a new campaign headquarters on their web page.  Can the person who wrote the rebuttal just settle this and have Christy update the web page to show that there’s a new headquarters – and if not, why not?????

Can you please advise.  WHY ARE YOU NOT PUTTING THIS INFO ON THE WEB PAGE.  AND, can you tell us on the wEB PAGE what are the hours of the new headquarters so that people can get bumper stickers and Dick Morris’ book.

Can you tell us here at RED MASS when the christy2010 web page will be updated to show that there’s a new headquarters and some events scheduled.??  When is the next time we can come and meet Dick Morris and Christy????  When will that be posted on


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