Suffolk poll has underlying truth regarding Mihos’ high negatives.

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“Although Baker, former president and CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, has months to raise his profile, 54 percent of voters surveyed had never heard of him.

Yet he is catching up to Mihos, the convenience store magnate. The poll showed Baker capturing 30 percent of GOP primary voters, compared to Mihos’ 33 percent.”

The above is the real quotes that matter from the Herald article on the new Suffolk poll on the guv race.  It’s a bit hard to explain how Charlie Baker, with a high “don’t know him” percentage of fifty four, is nonetheless in a statistical tie with Christy Mihos, who already ran state wide, spending millions on ads.  Every rule in the business, says a new comer should be way behind a guy who already spent the big bucks running for a big office.  I guess those so called rear end commercials didn’t quite do it, did they?

Someone polling such a high unknown should not be neck and neck with the other guy who clearly is better known.  The data clearly shows that Mihos has negatives which are high and hurting his third bid for public office (Mihos also ran for state senate a long time ago and lost by a whisker).

All this could be attributed to Mihos having run a pretty tough campaign in 06 against the party’s nominee Kerry Healey.  Some GOP activists are still fuming, and not likely to change.  Others will.  And the Plymouth County straw poll this week giving Baker a whopping seventy eight percent of support is proof that Baker, for a new kid on the block, is doing much better than someone like him should be doing against a guy who just three years ago was running all around the state campaigning full time.

For those who want Mihos to win, they should advise him to do the following.  First, get a real campaign team.  Maybe even something unique……like a campaign headquarters.  Second, get rid of the anger, which is the tone that comes from advisor Dick Morris, who for years ran the Bill Clinton machine.  

Also, he needs to dispell the growing rumours that he suffered a serious hit in the October Crash and make a big deposit to his account.  That will get Mihos support as people will see it as the candidate really putting his money where his mouth is.  

As for Baker….he needs to sharpen his message and keep raising money at the fast pace he has been.  If Mihos is still wealthy and has money to spend, Baker will need a ton of cash to survive a Primary….which is why the party leadership is probably tempted to keep Mihos off the ballot….bad news being that he’ll just run as an independent again if I had to guess.

Christy kinda sees everyone against him in life.  He’s not the type to give up.  Look for some pretty intense negative attacks from camp Mihos against Baker.

They already are doing it… I saw the other night.  Mentioning pensions, as if that’s why Baker is running.  You can’t be a state worker without having a deduction taken out for the damn pension.  I work for the state.  It’s federal law that you have to pay into the system, and inturn you don’t have the FICA taken out.  you’d have to get the us congress, the president, and then the legislature to change the law to make any state worker not be in the pension system.

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