SNL finally goes after Barack Obama

Saturday Night Live has finally lived up to it’s obligation as court jester as it relates to Barack Obama.  SNL has long been a source of showing truth through comedy.  They however have been largely absent when it comes to Barack Obama.  Perhaps finally Barack Obama’s missteps have gotten so obvious that even SNL can’t ignore them.

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  • eury13

    Although I took it to be less a jab at Obama and more commentary on the US’s unsustainable debt/trade relationship with the developing industrial world. But that’s just me.

    It’s not like Obama was the first President to sell American debt to China.

    P.S. Anyone else find it interesting that SNL has a Chinese man and a black man both being played by white men?  

  • Its too bad that we have put ourselves in this situation of so much debt.  The American people have become accustom to being in personal debt so being in debt nationally doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal to most people.  But I think people will start to wake up unfortunately I do not believe we have elected leaders that will do what is required to cut our dependence of government programs.

    Look at Mike Capauano’s job’s commercial he says that our state jobs come from health care, research, bio-tech industries that depend on federal funds.  If these companies can’t survive on their own with out federal funds then these companies shouldn’t be in business.