Senator Hedlund passes resolution condemning UMass-Amherst over invitation of terrorist to speak

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The Massachusetts State Senate, led by the Senate Republicans, passed a resolution that condemns the University of Massachusetts – Amherst for extending an invitation to Raymond Luc Levasseur to speak on Thursday.

Raymond Luc Levasseur is a convicted terror bomber and radical leader of United Freedom Front, a violent anti-government group linked to some 20 bombings, including one at the Suffolk County Courthouse in 1976.

Senator Hedlund authored the resolution today and quickly garnered support from both his Republican and Democrat colleagues.  

After the jump there is a copy of the resolution.  Kudos to Senator Hedlund and the Senate GOP!  

WHEREAS a group of faculty members from the University of Massachusetts -Amherst has invited Ray Luc Levasseur to speak on the campus  on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009; and,

WHEREAS Ray Luc Levasseur is the founder and former leader of the United Freedom Front, a radical group that advocated, plotted, and executed violent actions against government employees and facilities; and,

WHEREAS members of the United Freedom Front committed acts of domestic terrorism, including the bombings of banks, courthouses, military installations and private businesses; and

WHEREAS the acts of domestic terrorism conducted by members of the United Freedom Front included the murder of a New Jersey State Trooper, the shooting of two Massachusetts State Troopers, and the bombing of the Suffolk County Courthouse in April of 1976, which injured 22 people; and

WHEREAS Ray Luc Levasseur served 18 years in federal prison for crimes he did commit as leader of the United Freedom Front; and,

WHEREAS Ray Luc Levasseur has never apologized or admitted regret for his role in these acts of domestic terrorism; and,

WHEREAS the United States Supreme Court wrote in its decision, Near v Minnesota, that an individual’s right to freedom of speech does not extend to speech that incites violence or advocates for the overthrow by force of orderly government;” and,

WHEREAS the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is a public university, with its operations, maintenance, and activities subsidized by the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; and,

WHEREAS the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, at the request of Gov. Deval Patrick, and Donna Lamonoco, the widow of New Jersey State Trooper Phil Lamonoco, who was shot and killed by a member of Levasseur’s group, the university revoked the speaking invitation and cancelled the event; and,

WHEREAS one or more members of the faculty persisted in extending a second invitation notwithstanding the actions of the university; and

WHEREAS this speech will take place a week after an assault on Fort Hood that resulted in the deaths of 12 servicemen, and one day after we remember the sacrifices made by our veterans to preserve our freedoms, and keep us safe; now therefore be it,

RESOLVED, that the Massachusetts State Senate hereby condemns the invitation of Ray Luc Levasseur by a group of faculty members of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst to address the public on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009.  

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