Sam Tager Amazed at Lack of Public Outcry

The father of the injured 13-year-old responds.

We need to keep this in the news to ensure Galluccio won’t get a special court deal.  



Hey folks,

It’s action time!  Click here to schedule your availability for our protest next week — then send your full contact information to so I can get in touch.

I need to give you a brief follow-up on our hit-and-run Senator, Anthony Galluccio.  So, it turns out that I live 2 blocks away from the family of four that he rammed into last month, the Tager Family.  I rang their bell on Friday and talked with the 10-year-old about her brother (who was injured in the crash).  She said that he has not been able to move his right arm and is regularly attending physical therapy.  Later that night I left the family a heartfelt letter of support, and of my plans to put together a protest in the near future.  In response, the father, Sam Tager, left me a voice mail message today expressing amazement at the lack of public outcry at Galluccio’s terrible actions.

Don’t get me wrong: everyone does stupid things sometimes, politician or not.  The whole reason I am making noise about this is that, from my research and conversations with experienced political advocates, Galluccio will probably get a FREE PASS from the courts.  If it were you or I to leave the scene of an accident that caused injury?  Jail time.  6 months to 2 years.  MA law.  Look it up.  

And guess what folks?  The ONLY reason this ridiculous Beacon Hill arrogance continues is because people like you and I are too tired, distracted, intimidated, or otherwise disconnected to take a stand and do a solid for democracy.  Remember when Deval Patrick was about to give Sen. Marian Walsh that cushy $175K position that was vacant for years?  In just weeks, the “public firestorm” forced her to reconsider.  It’s just that simple.

Galluccio’s pre-trial hearing is set for November 20th.  We NEED to keep this in the news, so we are going to hold a protest at the State House a day or two beforehand, and alert some TV and print media.  We will put the heat on two influential officials — the Middlesex District Attorney (who will oversee the prosecution) and the Senate President.

Please click here to schedule your availability for the 2-hour protest next week — then send your full contact information to so I can get in touch.

Where is public outcry?


There’s no need to “market” this problem.  The facts speak for themselves… the blatant, low-life crime and attempt at a cover-up, either by police, the court, or elsewhere.  Galluccio has already been convicted twice, and has already had an official pardon for a DUI by former Governor Weld.  Now can you help me unravel this one: Who in their right mind gives a pardon for a DUI?  The corrupt legislator and the ignorant, distracted, and disenchanted public has been enabling Galluccio’s dangerous and criminal actions for far too long.  

Just like how our legislature will not reform the electoral system on their own… rich, connected lawyers who act with callousness and evil in their personal lives will not be regulated by their co-workers, and sometimes even the courts.  And they count on the public’s ignorance, distractedness, laziness — time and time again — to slip through the clutches of justice, and walk away scott-free.  If only the public will step in and deal with it directly!  What are we waiting for?

Just Click here to schedule yourself in to ‘do a solid for democracy’ and urge key decision-makers: “NO SPECIAL DEAL for Galluccio!”  — then send your full contact information to so I can get in touch.


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