Richard Tisei: Pro-Abortion

There are 3 general positions on abortion: Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and Pro-Abortion.  Richard Tisei consistently chooses door number 3.  Along with the most pro-abortion voting record, he cosponsors pro-abortion legislation, and uses his bully pulpit to further his pro-abortion agenda.  His support for abortion is clearly one of his top legislative priorities.

According to Project Vote Smart Sen. Tisei has received ratings of 100% from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, 100% from the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts Advocacy, and 0% from Massachusetts Citizens for Life.  

In the 2009-10 legislative session NARAL gave Tisei a rating more favorable rating than not only every other Republican in the senate, but 9 Democrats as well.  According to the 2008 NARAL Voter guide Tisei was the only Republican in Massachusetts they endorsed in 2008.

In 2005, Sen. Tisei co-sponsored an “emergency contraception bill” that was vetoed by Governor Romney.  In The Reading Advocate he wrote that “Overriding the governor’s veto of this bill was a priority of the Legislature.”

In 2007, Sen. Tisei co-sponsored the expanded buffer zone bill.  This bill bans our constitutionally protected freedom of speech within 35 feet of an abortion clinic and creates a 6 foot “buffer zone” around patients as well.


It is important to note that a candidate is required to be in 100% agreement with all of Planned Parenthood’s positions for them to consider you to be “pro-choice.”  99% is not good enough.

Scorecard Key      

Pro-choice 100%

Mixed 99% – 50%

Anti-choice 49% – 0%

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