Richard Tisei: Pro-Abortion

There are 3 general positions on abortion: Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, and Pro-Abortion.  Richard Tisei consistently chooses door number 3.  Along with the most pro-abortion voting record, he cosponsors pro-abortion legislation, and uses his bully pulpit to further his pro-abortion agenda.  His support for abortion is clearly one of his top legislative priorities.

According to Project Vote Smart Sen. Tisei has received ratings of 100% from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, 100% from the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts Advocacy, and 0% from Massachusetts Citizens for Life.  

In the 2009-10 legislative session NARAL gave Tisei a rating more favorable rating than not only every other Republican in the senate, but 9 Democrats as well.  According to the 2008 NARAL Voter guide Tisei was the only Republican in Massachusetts they endorsed in 2008.

In 2005, Sen. Tisei co-sponsored an “emergency contraception bill” that was vetoed by Governor Romney.  In The Reading Advocate he wrote that “Overriding the governor’s veto of this bill was a priority of the Legislature.”

In 2007, Sen. Tisei co-sponsored the expanded buffer zone bill.  This bill bans our constitutionally protected freedom of speech within 35 feet of an abortion clinic and creates a 6 foot “buffer zone” around patients as well.


It is important to note that a candidate is required to be in 100% agreement with all of Planned Parenthood’s positions for them to consider you to be “pro-choice.”  99% is not good enough.

Scorecard Key      

Pro-choice 100%

Mixed 99% – 50%

Anti-choice 49% – 0%

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  • would rather know how he stands on issues that he has the power to affect.

  • I find that it is difficult to characterize one’s views based on abortion as it does not clearly cut as to which side involves more state power.  Do you have any insights into the Senator’s positions on issues that may allow for the differentiation between social liberalism versus social libertarianism.  

    Some areas of difference:

    Gun control: social liberals support; social libertarians would oppose.

    Affirmative action/reverse discrimination: social liberals support; social libertarians would oppose.

    Political Correct Speech:  social liberals support speech restrictions; social libertarians would oppose.

    IMHO: Weld was more of a social liberal than a social libertarian.  There are a lot of us in the libertarian camp that were not that happy with Weld’s positions.  That may also be a factor again if Baker/Tisei are really social liberals than social libertarians.


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  • WhatWouldReaganDo

    How exactly do little old ladies praying the rosary constitute a public safety issue?

    It’s already illegal for anyone to harm or harass anyone on a public sidewalk–or anywhere else.

    The buffer zone is designed to prohibit peaceful protest near clinics.

    It’s designed to prohibit sidewalk counselors from trying to offer women social services to keep their babies, or educate them about adoption options.

    I would compare this to gun control in that only people who are already pre-disposed to obeying the law are impacted. Just as gun control laws don’t impact those who would illegally possess guns to commit crimes, the buffer zone impacts those who would peacefully protest–not those seeking to harm abortion clinic workers. Someone who is a violent psycho isn’t going to stop due to an imaginary line painted around a clinic.

    You can’t really argue it’s about public safety.

  • These communist radicals pretending to be moderate republicans are more dangerous then communist radicals declaring themselves democrats.

    Let’s be clear, while fiscal issues are imperative to us all, social issues are more important! demographics aren’t working in our favor and time is just about up unless we elect REAL conservatives.

  • Why would any Republican vote for Baker and Tisei for Governor and Lt. Governor or anything else? What would we get from those two that we wouldn’t get from your average crazy, left wing, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage Democrat?

    Doug Hoffman, move to Mass., please.  

  • WhatWouldReaganDo

    The fact that the supreme court has upheld buffer zones doesn’t make them good public policy. The Supreme Court very often makes bad decisions, such as the Kelo decision, or Roe v. Wade.

    This whole issue just shows how far out of the mainstream Tisei is. Many other “pro-choice” legislators voted against the buffer zone due to the free-speech considerations. For them, free speech rights are more important than making sure young women have abortions, and keeping planned parenthood in business.

    But Tisei is SO pro-abortion that he’s pro-big-government.

  • As someone else stated very well, this issue is very, very important to some, myself included.  I will not vote for a pro choice candidate let alone someone as pro abortion as Tisei.  It’s a shame because I was planning on voting for Baker before this.  Baker just lost my vote, Tisei never had it.

  • Festus Garvey

    …by your definition?

  • Sometimes reading RMG can be very predictable so you don’t even need to do it…this is a good example.  Social conservatives like the regulars on this thread taking Tisei to task for his abortion rights position.  

    Charlie’s calculation for picking Tisei is pretty simple:  social conservatives in Mass are losing relevance by the day.  Charlie has to see the same things all the regular readers of this site do: aside from posting about it on RMG, what are the social conservatives actually going to do about it?  The social cons talk a good game on this site, but never seem to actually do anything other than issue idle threats in frequent, lengthy blog posts.  Aside from a finely honed writing ability and some future cases of carple tunnel syndrome, that’s all the posting in here is going to get soc cons.

    I’ve been waiting for the first press release (or actual action) condemning this ticket from any of the social conservative groups:  MFI, Mass Citizens for Life, etc.  Haven’t seen any — happy to be corrected though if I missed something.  

    Fact is that Baker’s people could care less about the social conservative movement in this state.  If he had any respect for the political muscle folks from these groups often flex on this website, he wouldn’t have picked a guy to his left (and THAT isn’t easy to do).  Charlie and his team will spend this election courting independents and Democrats and assume the smell of blood in the water will be enough to get Republicans to the polls and in his column.

    Baker had plenty of somewhat conservative options to pick from (including many pro-life) but had his heart set on Tisei long ago.  Don’t let that “leak” of Brad/Karyn/Cruz on Friday fool you…Karyn was included to show they were looking at women, Brad out of respect…particularly since Karyn’s name was involved, and Cruz I’m not so sure, but suffice to say the decision was already made).  These “finalists” or other conservatives put forward on this site in the many LG discussions would have worked, but his pick of Tisei makes it pretty obvious that he doesn’t take any of the idle threats on this site from social conservatives seriously.  

    Quite frankly, I suspect Baker is looking forward to what he expects will be just enough flak (but no significant action of course) from the social right to solidify his social liberal credentials with Democrats and left leaning independents.  Baker figures maybe a few social cons stay home on election day as a result, but most turn out noses held…..and that’s a small price to pay for the votes he believes will win him this race.

    Will look forward to seeing whether this calculation wins him the race.

  • geo999

    …between the weasel word “pro-choice” and the term “pro-abortion”.

    That said, I have a real issue with self styled “counselors” who accost and harangue women on the sidewalk. They make it easy for the pro-abortion crowd to gratuitously describe pro-lifers as violent nut jobs. I would much prefer to see some of them get their teeth knocked out than to suffer a blanket prohibition of civil pro-life demonstrations (the “buffer zone”).    

    If Tisei’s position on buffer zones were strictly related to this sidewalk assault issue, then I could be swayed that it was simply making the best of a bad situation.

    But his being obviously pro-abortion gives me great concern about his fitness as a candidate on a Republican ticket.