Republican Health Care Plan

The Republican House Caucus has just released the “Improving Health Care for All Americans Act” just days after Pelosi unveiled the Democrat plan.  The Republican HR 3218 was originally filed in July by Rep. Shadegg (R), AZ in July.  It expands refundable tax credits, expands access to health insurance by 3 million people, reduces costs of premiums, curbs lawsuits saving $41 billion, expands coverage to high risk pools of individuals, and reduces the deficit by $68 Billion over the first 10 years without raising taxes.

Full Text of HR 3962 (DEM):…

Full Text of HR 3218 (GOP):…

CBO Preliminary Analysis HR 3962 (DEM):…

CBO Preliminary Analysis HR 3218 (GOP): pending….

  • Length: GOP, 24 pages.  DEM, 1990
  • Cost to Taxpayers:  GOP, $61 Billion. Dem, $1,055 Billion.
  • Cost of Premiums:  GOP, lowers cost to most. Dem, does not lower costs.
  • Taxes:  GOP, does no raise taxes.  DEM, raises taxes by $426 billion in the first ten years.
  • Individual Mandate:  GOP, no individual mandate.  DEM, forces you to buy insurance and contains fines and penalties if you don't.
  • "Public Option":  GOP, no new government run health care. Dem, Trojan horse government takeover.
  • Abortion: GOP, does not pay.  DEM forces you to pay.


I will complete and repromote this post after the CBO analysis comes out.  It is not yet available.

The Party of No?  has a list of health care reform legislation files by Republicans in 2009.

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  • Anyone know where Charlie Baker stands on this? I know that it is a national issue, but he is a health care guy and I would be interested to hear his take. There’s some health care reform stuff on his website but it isn’t that specific. He’s been kinda quiet on this.

  • If any of the current (or future) health care bills pass and are signed into law, and they contain an individual mandate whether there will be a constitutional challenge.  By what specific authority can the federal government require a private individual to purchase a product (even if provided by the government)?  I can see how they could mandate it for businesses, or regulate the hell out of insurers themselves, but I don’t get the mandate.  If it made it to SCOTUS….I think they would lose.