Reason Magazine Needs Your Help

As the lone libertarian among the four (myself, Cool Cal, DD4RP, and EaBoClipper) editors at RMG I feel it is appropriate that I encourage you to support a magazine that is near and dear to my heart: Reason Magazine.

Reason Magazine is THE leading libertarian publication in the United States and it has not wavered in its undying advocacy for free minds and free markets. There is no magazine I look forward to reading more than Reason: from its fantastic feature stories to the Brickbats to Tim Cavanaugh’s coarse Gen X observations on the state of affairs.

Despite the attacks on freedom & liberty during the Bush years and the accelerating march toward socialism in the Obama era many consider this the libertarian moment. At no other point in history have so many people experienced such high standards of living and had easy access to so much. More people are free now than at any point in the history of mankind., Reason Magazine, and The Reason Foundation need our support now more than ever. If you can please donate to this wonderful libertarian institution. Better yet, subscribe to the print edition for a year, it’s only $20.

Free Minds and Free Markets Don’t Come Free!

For the next week, Reason mag Editor in Chief Matt Welch and I will be asking you to please help us keep,, and Reason magazine going stronger than ever by giving a tax-deductible donation to Reason Foundation, the nonprofit publisher of the leading libertarian website, video site, and print publication in this and all other known galaxies. (Click on the image above to hear Welch’s eloquent spiel and catch-if you’re lucky!-a post-video ad for Mucinex!)

If you give $100 (just $6.52 in 1935 dollars!), you’ll get all kinds of swag, including a choice between a copy of Brian Doherty’s great history of the libertarian movement, Radicals for Capitalism, and Peter Bagge’s awesome collection of Reason comics, Everybody is Stupid Except For Me! And your name will appear (if you want) in a cool banner on this very site, thanking you for your help.

The fight for for freedom has never been more important than now. Here we are, a decade into the 21st century, fer chrissakes, and 20 years after the beginning of the end of communism, and the U.S. government owns a car company, has taken over the financial sector, is about to squeeze out the market from health care, is fighting two bum wars, and on and on. Who could have thought it could get worse apres Bush fils? (Plenty of Reason staffers, that’s who!)

Reason in all of its iterations is your voice in the public debate, your source for news and commentary from a principled (and non-dogmatic!) libertarian perspective, and a virtual community of the forward-thinkers
who can help lead us into a future so bright we’ll all need genetically modified corneal implants.

Go here for details. And bring a friend!


Nick Gillespie

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