Reaction to Tisei Pick

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I will be posting reaction to the Richard Tisei pick throughout the day by people inside and outside the Republican Party.

Brad Jones just released the following statement:

I have known and worked with Richard for more than two decades and it has been a privilege to call him my friend and my colleague.  Senator Tisei brings a wealth of legislative experience and accomplishments to the ticket and as the people of his district will attest he has been a dedicated and honorable legislator who always puts the interests of his constituents first.  As Lieutenant Governor, he will put the needs of Massachusetts’ taxpayers ahead of politics, like he’s always done in the past.

Additionally, Richard’s a small business owner and is probably one of the few state wide candidates who truly understand how difficult it is to run a business in the Commonwealth.  I will do everything I can to support the Charlie Baker-Richard Tisei ticket.

-Brad Jones

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Kris Mineau of the Massachusetts Family Institute:

I am disappointed that Charlie Baker, a serious contender for governor, would choose someone who has repeatedly voted to deny the people a right to vote on the definition of marriage.  Sen. Tisei has consistently voted with the gay special interest groups, including voting to the kill the Marriage Amendment twice in 2007, as well as cosponsoring the flawed ‘bathroom bill’ this session.

MFI is a non-partisan, non-political organization and therefore will not be making endorsements of any candidates running for office. However, we will continue our practice of compiling voter guides on the important races, highlighting each candidates stance on a number of issues. This includes the issue of same-sex marriage, and includes the lieutenant governor race.

Furthermore, Massachusetts law dictates that there will be a primary election for lieutenant governor, and though Mr. Baker has made his preference clear, the voters in the Republican primary will make the ultimate decision next September.

Personally, I am hopeful that individuals that hold traditional family values will choose to run for both governor and lieutenant governor in Massachusetts. The election of a pro-marriage, pro-life, pro-family gubernatorial candidate in both New Jersey and Virginia this month dispels the myth that a conservative with traditional family values cannot win in a liberal or Democrat-leaning state.

Aaron Margolis at Hub Politics had the following to say:

‘m curious why Baker made this announcement now, instead of say, in late January or February. Baker has been trailing in the polls versus Christy Mihos since day one, and to make such an important announcement the week of Thanksgiving seems poorly timed. Baker may have been much better suited to have waited until after the US Senate Special Election. This would have accomplished two things.

First, that election would be over and done with. Right now, the special election is hot to trot, and the election is virtually around the corner; the gubernatorial contest isn’t for another 11+ months. What would the harm of been to wait two more months?

Second, of course, is knowing whether or not Scott Brown would be available as a running mate, should he even want it. Picking Brown, who would have just completed a fast-paced state wide campaign, would offer the campaign someone with some state-wide name recognition; I don’t think Tisei can offer that. There is a reason why Mihos is ahead of Baker in every poll…and it’s not because Mihos is a favorite of the MassGOP establishment. Brown has also stated he is not seeking reelection in the state senate*; Tisei, the Senate Minority Leader, has served in the state senate for 25 years and is (still) up for reelection next year. If Baker-Tisei wins, that could lead to another lost Republican seat in the state senate. Why give up a seat in the senate held by a Republican for 25 years?

*Sources close to Scott Brown say this is not true.

Statement from Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, Log Cabin Republicans Boston Chapter Leader:

“Log Cabin Republicans is happy to hear that Charlie Baker has selected state Senator Richard Tisei as his running mate in the upcoming gubernatorial election. This is not the first time Massachusetts has seen an openly-gay Republican run for this office, but we are proud to present a candidate with such a distinguished career in public service with deep roots in his community and a commitment to advance economic prosperity in our state.”

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