Rasmussen Governor’s Poll


Christy Mihos (R) 26%

Deval Patrick (D) 32%

Tim Cahill (I) 28%

Not sure 14%

Charlie Baker (R) 28%

Deval Patrick (D) 33%

Tim Cahill (I) 25%

Not sure 14%

Just 34% of voters in the state now approve of Patrick’s performance as governor, down nine points from October, while 64% disapprove. But unchanged is the finding that those who strongly disapprove outnumber those who strongly approve by more than three-to-one – 37% to 11%.

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  • Interesting poll results here.  ihos and Baker have been in 3rd place in every poll .

    This poll was taken Monday night after Baker choose Tisei as his running mate.  Mihos still in 3rd place in the trial heat but Baker has moved into second place over Cahill for the first time.

    Maybe the Baker folks are a lot smarter than many on RMG are giving them credit for?

  • Not that 2-3 percentage points in a poll is anything to call solid evidence, but it’s interesting to see that Baker looks like he’d take votes away from Cahill as opposed to Christy.

  • There better be some serious work done by the GOP to gain ground and pull away.  What this poll tells me is that a three way race with Cahill in the mix is a Deval win.  Good thing we have another 11 months to go.

  • cfblake2

    The polls have been wrong before. Never trust the polls they are just a marker for only that moment in time when the poll was taken. Christy Mihos is not a RINO (REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY) like Charlie Baker and Tisei. Christy Mihos is the reformer the State needs.Beacon Hill is scared as hell of a Mihos administration. He is the only one in the race that has the track record to get things done in the right direction for a change. Its time the Ma Government was for the people of Ma and not out for how much the legislator can rip us off. Christy Mihos motto “Stop them before they can Tax us again!!”  

    November 3, 1948

    “The polls and the pundits left no room for doubt: Dewey was going to defeat President Harry S. Truman”