Montigny, Pacheco, Lennon eye Auditor Position.…

Newton Alderman Scott Lennon is “seriously considering” a run for his boss’s position as State Auditor.

Democratic New Bedford Sen. Mark Montigny has also eyed the post. Sen. Marc Pacheco told the News Service Thursday he would consider running if DeNucci did not.

All around the commonwealth Democrats are getting bored in their current positions an looking to move up all.  The good news for us is that this may create open seats.  Pacheco represents the FIRST PLYMOUTH AND BRISTOL district and Montigny represents the SECOND BRISTOL AND PLYMOUTH district.  In wild speculation I will guess that only one of them would run for regional reasons.  Glodis has a monster operation in Central Mass and will be tough to beat.  Anyway, I took a moment to analyze the districts.  The numbers below are the vote totals for Obama and McCain in 2008 according to the Boston Globe:


Bridgewater 5,873 to 5,849

Carver 2,933 to 2,899

Marion 1,797 to 1,262

Middleborough 5,150 to 5,853

Wareham 6,190 to 4,392

Taunton 13,135 to 8,634

Berkley 1,574 to 1,548

Dighton 1,732 to 1,719

Raynham 3,336 to 3,522

TOTAL 41,720 to 35,678

TOTAL 53.9% to 46.1%

The Percentages here are only among the Obama and McCain votes and do not include the 3rd party candidates.  Pacheco’s district is very winnable.  The numbers are much better than the state average and mirror the national average.  2008 was close a Dem landslide and 2010 shapes up to be a better year.  With the right candidate we could have a real chance here.



New Bedford 24,881 to 8,201

Acushnet 3,223 to 2,107

Dartmouth 10,402 to 5,853

Fairhaven 5,299 to 2,919

Mattapoisett 2,170 to 1,732

TOTAL 45,975 to 19,080

TOTAL 70.6% to 29.4%

New Bedford is clearly the overwhelming force in this district with over 50% of the total votes.  The Demographics here show a district that would be difficult for any Republican to win even under ideal circumstances.

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