People on red mass group are asking for the original letter.  Here you go.  It was forwarded to me from someone who got it with hundreds and hundreds of other emails above the letter text.  If you go to the candidate’s web page, it identifys it as “Veterans Day Fundraiser” which is what we take exception to.  If its a political fundraiser, please don’t call it a VETERANS DAY FUNDRAISER.  Let’s use this special day for honoring those in service and helping them. Too many people treat it just as another day off.  That’ not what it’s meant to be.

Here’s the text…

Dear Friends,

I have known Christy Mihos for many years and have served together with him

on the  Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts.  During that

time he has greatly impressed me with his concern for the education of our

children, the jobs of our citizens, the success of the business community,

fairness to the tax payers and with his deep love as a native son for the

richness of traditions and the uniqueness of Massachusetts.  

On Wednesday November 11th at the Boston Marriott Newton, a reception will

be held for Christy along with Dick Morris, his campaign strategist.  I

hope you will plan to join us that night for what promises to be a very

special event.  Please see the invitation that follows.  Visit the web site

at  www.Christy2010.com .  Your support of his candidacy is requested and

greatly appreciated.


Michael T. Foley, MD

Chairman, Christy 2010 Campaign

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