Mihos had Message but not the messengers.

I was at the straw poll and enjoyed Christy’s message very much.  I think it was interupted several times, and though he lost the poll it wasn’t because of his speech.

The candidate is strong, but his management team is very weak.  Christy needs to change this if he’s going to win.

I asked an older gentleman who seemed to be running the show if my wife and I could have a sticker, just like the Baker people were passing out.  He said, “we are working on that.”  At first I thought he meant that he’d get us our Christy stickers to wear, but then a younger man who I think worked for him said they had no lapel stickers but that we could have a T shirt.

I wanted to sign up and give my name, but Christy’s management team had no sign up sheet.  There was no way for me to even give them my name and email.

It got worse – I asked the older man working for Christy who he was.  He said he was Joe Manzolly and that he was running the campaign.  I have to say that he was not very well dressed and presented very poorly.  My wife and I were expecting so much more.  The candidate’s message is dead on right.  He is very correct on the pension issue.  We liked that a lot.  But his team reminded me of what you’d expect from a very lower level operation.

Meanwhile, the Baker people seemed much more professional, well dressed, materials ready to hand out,  you name it.

It was a big disappointment for us as Christy supporters.  I think if Christy were smart, he’d bring on board a seasoned campaign team with a track record of winning elections.  Otherwise, he’s got some tough times ahead.

I googled the campaign manager’s name when I got home.  The only think I could find was that he once ran an unsuccessful senate bid and there was also some things about a business venture he was in.  I think Chrisy is a pretty successful guy who needs to surround himself with other successful people who have proven themselves.  Then he’s got a real shot.

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