Michael Capuano’s Decline & Fall

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It appears that the light of Congressman Michael Cappuano may be about to flame out as well… evidently doing the people’s business upon Capitol Hill is taking a mighty toll upon Cappy.

As I was leaving work yesterday I was stunned when my cell phone registered a few Twitter tweets about the US Senate debate sponsored by League of Women Voters.  The fact that the woman, Martha Coakley, failed to show up at the debate is a whole other story.

Anyway, I’m walking out of my store when I’m alerted that Capuano suddenly picked up his name plate and walked off stage without any explanation.  Next, I’m alerted to the fact that before Cappy exited stage right that he was getting bombarded by State Senator Scott Brown on the issues of the federal stimulus failing to create jobs as well as on cap and trade legislation.

What is the official response by Rep. Capuano’s people?  Evidently, Cappy was “simply exhausted.”  Um, Congressman?  I was watching the Saturday night House vote on health care (right here with my buddies on RMG) and 1) it wasn’t really that late – for real people… people who work 2nd & 3rd shift – 5 days a week, upwards of 52 weeks a year – you know, the people you want to represent & the image you’ve carefully tried to craft?

Well, that was yesterday and today… well, the Boston Herald isn’t very kind to Michael Capuano.

Seems that Congressman Capuano might want to give a call to OCPF to see what sort of political fundraising can & cannot occur within the State House.  You didn’t think that it might be problematic to mail fundrising letters to Beacon Hill offices?  I know that Cappy has to file with the FEC but that’s OCPF 101.

Congressman Michael E. Capuano might want to brush up on the state’s campaign finance laws. Capuano sent campaign fund-raising fliers to Beacon Hill lawmakers last week, advertising tickets up to $2,000 a pop for a fund-raiser held today. Political candidates aren’t allowed to solicit campaign funds on state property, according to the office of campaign and political finance. Even worse than violating the law? Capuano’s campaign sent some misguided fliers to Republican lawmakers. A spokeswoman for the congressman said they regret the mistake.


Then again, Cappy might need to land those big fish donors to pay for his dinner bill.  $12,000 over 2 years?!  Yeah, that’s a real “common man” self-portrayal.

U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano, a shirtsleeve Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate who has crafted a working-class image as an average guy from Somerville, has dined at high-end steakhouses and brasseries across the globe including a hot spot in the heart of Paris.

Capuano shelled out nearly $5,000 alone from his campaign account and PAC in the past two years at the National Democratic Club, an exclusive magnet for Washington insiders, according to a Herald review of spending records.

“You mean everybody doesn’t have a campaign account? The average Joes eat out a lot, too, but it tends to be McDonald’s and Wendy’s,” said Larry Sabato, director of the center for politics at the University of Virginia.

Capuano spent nearly $12,000 over the past two years wining and dining a total of 67 times at posh restaurants such as Sonoma wine bar and Charlie Palmer Steakhouse, both in Washington, D.C.


Now, I understand why Cappy spends so much money on food… after all, he’s certainly not busy doing the people’s business upon Capitol Hill.  Congressman Michael Capuano is 10th in skipping votes!

Now, Cappy keeps saying how his vote record mirros Ted Kennedy… well, true. Teddy missed a hell of a lot of votes, especially in his last year in office.  Then again, Senator Edward Moore Kennedy had brain cancer… what’s your excuse, indigestion from those big, expensive dinners?!

U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano has missed more Capitol Hill votes than all but nine of the nation’s 435 members of Congress, skipping key tallies this year on veterans issues, defense spending, highway funding and the impeachment of a federal judge, records show.

Capuano, who has boasted he is the Senate hopeful that most “closely mirrors” late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, ranks 10th in missed votes among members of Congress, blowing off 128 votes – or 14 percent – this year, according to congressional records compiled by The Washington Post.


The flame that was Michael Capuano’s US Senate hopes will soon be snuffed out during the Democratic primary.  Up next, Martha Coakley…. Just remember 1 thing:


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