Martha Coakley on Dan Rea this Evening

Martha Coakley is scheduled to be on Nightside with Dan Rea on WBZ AM-1030 tonight.  Nightside starts at 8pm.  Dan is expected to take calls when Attorney General Coakley is on.  

This is a great opportunity to call the program and ask Attorney General Coakley questions that are on your mind. Some that come to mind are:

1)  Why have you not been more pro-active in investigating corruption among your fellow Democrats. The feds have been doing your job it seems.

2)  Have you promised EMILY’s list that you will fight for federal funding of all abortions under the Health Care Bill?

3)  Besides your sister living overseas, do you have any other foreign policy experience?

4)  You were in the Middlesex DA’s office when Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings told a student to “wear a condom” when having sex with an older gentleman.  This was statutory rape.  Why was he not prosecuted for not reporting that statutory rape?

I’m sure you can think of others.

The phone number to nightside is 617-254-1030.

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