MA: Only state (again) that doesn’t allow med discounts

Anyone see this on the news?

I wish someone would do a whole list of Massachusetts is the only state that…

So in a state that votes to have pot decriminalized, needles and syringes sold over the counter… a coupon to save you money from a doctor prescribed drug – is illegal.  And again Massachusetts is the only state in the country that doesn’t allow this.…

(link has video)

I’d love to save some money right now.  

Also what does it say about health care reform when Grandma can’t even use a coupon to save $10 bucks?  

You have to love the guy in the video that’s against the coupon bill – “because you can only use them once… so now what?”  Duh’ it’s a coupon – yea you can only use it once – but it still saves me money!

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