Locals Try to Scuttle USS Constitution Tradition

(NIMBYism runs wild! – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

Here’s an idea, Old Ironsides has been around since 1789.  The tradition of firing its cannon has gone on since then (excepting some time in the early 1900s to 1975)… here’s an idea, if you don’t like the firing of the historic cannons… MOVE OUT OF THE AREA.  Granted, some of the complainants MAY have moved into Charlestown pre-1975 but I wager that most of the people whining about the noise are newly minted Beautiful People.

Also note that the drive isn’t just to silence to cannon but also to muffle the National Anthem!

I have an idea… Charlestownians, if you REALLY don’t want the cannons of the USS Constitution & our National Anthem… we have some prime New Bedford waterfront that may love the historic tourist attraction.  Actually, it may look great next to the USS Massachusetts in Fall River’s Battleship Cove.

Whatever we may think about MBTA Commuter Rail, this reminds me of the same NIMBY mentality of newbies to the neighborhood who yell & scream when the specter of a train running down the rails in their backyard is brought up… what, you didn’t notice those rail before you bought into the neighborhood?!  Similarly, you didn’t notice the airport a couple blocks away before you signed on your fancy new home?  Newsflash, you’re the new arrivals to the area and we have businesses & traditions that pre-date you!  The USS Constitution was here long before you snobs & it will be here long after!

Old Ironsides’ upscale Charlestown neighbors are trying to pull off what British, French and Barbary pirate guns failed to accomplish in more than two centuries – silencing the cannons of the nation’s oldest commissioned naval vessel.

Miffed residents of a posh condo complex have invited the commanding officer of the USS Constitution over for a glass of wine so he can hear for himself that the frigate’s twice-daily cannon blasts – a tradition dating to 1798 – are “more disruptive to the neighborhood than you might have imagined.”

Commanding Officer Timothy Cooper received the most recent complaint two weeks ago from neighbors suggesting naval officers assigned to the historic vessel eliminate the morning and evening blasts on weekends, reduce the size of the gunpowder charge and turn down the volume of the national anthem recording played during the daily flag raising and lowering ceremonies.


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