John Lysak needs your help in recount

John Lysak, former Vice-Chair of the Massachusetts Federation of Young Republicans recently won his race to be a Ward Councilor in Springfield.  His margin of victory was narrow enough that his opponent had the ability to ask for a recount, and has done so.  I just received this email from Richard Wheeler who is acting as counsel for John asking for help at the recount.


John Lysak just called me to let me know that his opponent is requesting a recount.  It is scheduled for this Friday, November 20 @ 5pm in Springfield at City Hall.  I am going down to provide legal counsel to John.  I have already spoken to my fellow Veteran in Western MA Municipal Recounts, the Honorable Paul Ferro (see the 2007 Bob Magovern Holyoke recount). Paul has indicated a willingness to come, but we need a few more people. Please spread the word. It would be especially good to have a few more attorneys or folks experienced in the ways of recounts.  Please have them get in touch with me.

John is able to have 8 observers plus an attorney, so let us know if you can help.


Rich Wheeler

If you can help please send an email to and I’ll forward it to Richard.

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