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  • The Robinson site is nicely done.  At the bottom you can click though to the website developer.  They quote a price of $2500 for a standard site.  

    Might be useful to post links to some resources on RMG as more legislative candidates are building their web presence.

  • I figured it was the standard “double down in X” where X represents some country (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc).

    But reading it closer it seems that Jack want us to leave Afghanistan (but double down with Israel and Pakistan).

    The war in Afghanistan is no longer “Charlie Wilson’s War.”  We are fighting the children of the same people, the Mujahideen, whom Ronald Reagan called “freedom fighters.”  The Taliban were created and backed by Pakistan.  Had the Taliban not provided Al-Quaeda a safe haven from which to launch the 9/11 attacks, they would still be in power in Afghanistan today and could very well be our allies.  So, what exactly is our goal in Afghanistan today?

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I have to say that I agree, perhaps agree strongly, with all of his economic and health care positions.

    Nice Job Jack E Robinson……