It’s official: Fort Hood killer a terrorist on Obama’s watch

Well it’s official – the killer that shot dead 13 people and seriously injured another 29 at Fort Hood this past week is a terrorist.  Major Nidal Malik Hasan attended the same mosque as two of the 9/11 conspirators.  Clearly he was a radical Muslim and angry with the United States and willing and able to undertake murderous actions against the United States government and civilians.  That makes him a terrorist.

So terrorism has arrived, once again, in the United States and Barack Obama wasn’t all that concerned about it.  At least not so concerned as to interrupt a shout-out to his buddies at the Native American conference.

What is interesting to me is that the MSM has been reluctant to call Hasan a terrorist.  Instead he has been portrayed as someone that was troubled by the stories of soldiers returning from war.  The Boston Globe even wrote a story of how difficult his job was given the strain of war. The Globe goes so far as to blame the problem on everyone but Hasan:

Investigators are still trying to determine Hasan’s motives, exploring everything from job pressures to harassment as a Muslim to his strong opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In other words – it’s not Hasan that was the trouble – it was the United States!  Where have we heard that treasonous rubbish before?  Oh yeah, our President.

Luckily men like Sen Joe Liebermann are asking the right questions such as “Was this homegrown terrorism?”.  I think it is homegrown terrorism and Obama now has the biggest problem of all on his hands – the war is in his yard.  Others are at least considering that the MSM was too quick to blame the US and not Hasan.

Completely ignoring his Islamic ideology and Palestinian Arab background, the media speculated that he might have been suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, even though he had never served in a combat zone, that he was angry over being deployed to Iraq, even though he had a history of pro-terrorist postings predating that, and finally that he had been bullied by other soldiers for being a Muslim, a claim that has since emerged as completely baseless.  All of these however were ways of shifting the blame from Nidal Hassan and his Islamist ideology, and onto his victims, the men and women he had tried to kill, and the United States Army itself. Once again the media apparatchiks had decided that blame for a Muslim killing spree rested not with the perpetrator, but with his targets.

We have been lucky in that our war on terrorism has been fought overseas, but now it has arrived on our turf and Obama was in charge when it happened.  I wonder if this will be enough to get Obama to finally take terrorism seriously and start making decisions about Afghanistan and Iraq.  Or will he continue to kick the bucket down the road and spend his time throwing money into the hands of lobbyists that are making the decisions in Washington over our health care.

Know this – Obama has no plans of acting as a legitimate Commander in Chief.  Obama doesn’t care if the US is wiped off the face of the planet.  Obama is a traitor to the nation and to the Constitution.  But he does care about money.  He cares so deeply about money that he is willing to spend his, mine, yours and all the money of the next four generations in this country to pad the nests of his lazy, shiftless hackorama.  Obama will prove me right and fail to address any significant international issue in his term as President.  Hell, he won’t even make a plan to get a bunch of dirty goat f*ckers out of GITMO.

The war is here and Obama doesn’t care.  

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