Is Christy dropping out of the governor’s race?

Today’s Boston Globe column was about the governor’s race, but didn’t even mention Christy.  Here’s the link……

I’m just worried that after last night’s straw poll he’s maybe considering other options.  I know people keep talking about him running for treasurer.  Has he dropped out in light of Charlie Baker getting almost 80% of the vote in the straw poll?  I tried to call the number on the Christy2010 web page, but only got a recording.

Even though he obviously doesn’t have the money Mr. Baker has, and is clearly not able to commit personal funds for reasons we probably don’t know, Christy might be wise to stick it out for a while and wait for the next poll.  Rash decisions after a straw poll – even one as well attended as last night – isn’t the way to go.

After the poll, one of his staffers said it was a “real setback” and that they had really tried to win the poll.  But life is about setbacks and you can’t give up so easily.

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